A special New Year’s creation from Simay Kışlaoğlu!

Simay Kışlaoğlu!

Simay Kışlaoğlu Design, founded by the beloved designer Simay Kışlaoğlu,she is presented the exclusive outfits designed specially for the new year to the likes of fashion lovers.

Simay Kışlaoğlu, who was highly appreciated for her timeless outfits and especially her oil painting works, designed special outfits for the new year. Simay Kışlaoğlu, explaining that she started out with the philosophy of “Dress to Impress Yourself”, “Every woman should feel special, those who wear my designs will feel special in their dresses. And they will have a endless journey ..”

Stating that the fabrics and patterns of the dresses are carefully selected,

In my brand, which I have integrated with my oil painting works, colors are very important to me in my clothing designs, as in my paintings. It is very important to give happiness to the person in those colors I choose fabrics as delicate as possible …

I used a lot of 100% silk in my collection. You will be able to see in summer resort collection 2021.

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