Simay Kışlaoğlu

Painter & Fashion Designer

Simay Kislaoglu Design

Simay Kislaoglu Design is independent global wear brand.

Simay kislaoglu design is the definition of timeless clothes. It offers array of feminene appealing to a modern minded woman who crave simple sophistication.

We believe in quality over quantity, and clothing that’s built to last.

Who is Simay Kislaoglu?

Simay was born in Izmir, Turkey. Her parent migrated from Greece to Turkey in search of green pasture. Her journey in education began in the port city of Marmaris. At Marmaris, Simay received primary, secondary, and high school education. She undertook her undergraduate education at Koc University, where she graduated in English Language and Comparative Literature.  Throughout her life, Simay was always interested in art. It was no coincidence that she ended up choosing Italian as a second language. She furthered her studies in language education in Florence through a scholarship program.  As a great enthusiast of art, Simay enjoyed her time in Italy, renowned as a home of a long list of famous artists. Some of the great artists include Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Titian, Filippo Brunelleschi, Donatello and Giotto. During her time in Italy, Simay attended several workshops. In these workshops, she was able to perfect her painting and designing by learning specific methods of artists.

In her university education, Simay was involved in writing articles for various Arts and Magazines. Her writings were particularly featured and published in the Vogue Turkey and GQ Magazines. Vogue and GQ brands are associated with high-end fashion. Simay also attended a fashion shoot at Dogus Media group. She worked in the trade attached department of the US consulate to Turkey. Her art life has been led by passion and desire to express her ideas through various designs and paintings. Her design uniqueness is the integration of oil painting. Simay’s career in art is an ongoing one and is following the footsteps of others.  Her career follows a philosophical mantra that states, ‘To be timeless and quality over quantity.’ To Simay, a piece of art with excellent quality surpasses a thousand poorly done arts. Though an artist’s life is limited, Simay knows that her art pieces are timeless. The greatest legacy anyone can leave behind is to impact others lives. Simay wants to inspure people with her accomplishments and life story.