Within ‘Paradiso, the Baroque essence unfurls in an intricate dance of Angeles, echoing a bygone era where art and spirituality converged in harmony. This 140×80cm masterpiece beckons with a celestial allure that speaks to the very soul of the Baroque tradition.

In the brushstrokes, l’ve woven a tapestry of devotion, each angel a testament to the divine and ethereal. ‘Paradiso’ is a portal to an age when artists sought to capture the very essence of the divine, inviting you to bask in its timeless glow.

This painting is more than a mere canvas; it’s an embodiment of the Baroque’s enchanting allure, a piece of history that yearns to adorn your space and captivate your heart. Let ‘Paradiso’ transport you to a world of artistry, grace, and spirituality, where angels take flight in your imagination. As an artist, it’s an honor to offer you a piece of this captivating era.

140×80 cm
Oil on Canvas

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