The Birth of Venus


In my art piece, “The Birth of Venus 140×90,” I’ve reimagined the timeless masterpiece by Sandro Botticelli, introducing a new dimension to this iconic creation.

Botticelli’s Venus symbolizes purity and beauty emerging from the sea, but my version adds another layer to the story. The introduction of a second lady invites you to explore the duality of human nature. One lady represents the ideals, while the other embodies the complexities of our earthly existence.

This reinterpretation sparks contemplation about the ever-changing nature of beauty, the subjectivity of aesthetics, and the coexistence of perfection and imperfection.

Art has the power to reflect and question, and my “Rebirth of Venus” aims to do just that. Join me in exploring the depths of philosophy and art through this modern twist on a classic masterpiece.

140×90 cm
Oil on Canvas

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